This sheet pan Meat Lovers’ Pizza is easy to prep – just press it into the pan, add your cheese, ham, sausage, and pepperoni, and then stick it in the oven. Delicious pizza will soon be yours!

These days, it’s easy to pick up the phone and order a pizza that gets delivered to your door. You can even get really good pizza delivered to your door.

But I’m still a sucker for the homemade version. On chilly winter nights, I love a sheet pan pizza piled high with toppings, like this meat lovers’ version.

Sheet Pan Pizza with Ham

Sheet Pan Pizza with Ham


The sheet pan is a low maintenance way to make great pizza. The crust gets crispy and you don’t have to bother with special pizza stones. It also makes a BIG pizza, so you’ll probably have leftovers.


If you are making pizza dough yourself, there are many options out there for dough recipes. Personally, I like the no-knead pizza dough approach. This makes a dough that’s easy to work with and very flexible.

You can turn it into crispy thin crust pizzas, or you can use it in pan pizzas like this one, which that tend to have a thicker crust (though they’re not like deep dish, exactly).

However! I’m a firm believer that the perfect is the enemy of the good in the kitchen, and if the thing that is stopping you from making your own pizza is the dough, then just buy it!

There are plenty of good pre-made dough options at most supermarkets these days (check the prepared foods section). Or, if you have a local pizzeria that you like, you might ask if you can just buy the dough they use. Many pizzerias will happily sell you a few balls of dough for a few bucks.

Sheet Pan Pizza with Mozzarella

Sheet Pan Pizza with Mozzarella


However you get the dough, the most important step to shaping it for this sheet pan pizza is to make sure it’s at room temperature. If it’s cold from the fridge, it’ll be tough to work with and will end up being too thick in parts.

Assuming it is room temperature, though, just roll it out on a lightly floured surface and then press it into your sheet pan. Try to make it an even thickness in the bottom of the pan, but it’s okay to have some different crust thickness around the edges. That gives it character!

Also, note that the best pan to use for this recipe is a quarter-sheet pan!

Sheet Pan Pizza with Ham

Sheet Pan Pizza with Ham


Meat lovers’ pizza, to me, means it needs at least three things: Italian sausage, ham, and pepperoni.

Could you add even more meat toppings? Probably, but be careful not to over top the pizza. Believe it or not, that is possible to do, and then you end up with a fork-and-knife pizza situation (not the end of the world).

Ideally, though, you should be able to pick up a slice of this pizza and not have it collapse or the toppings jump ship. So, feel free to experiment with toppings here. I gave my favorite amounts of each for a nice balanced pizza.

Sheet Pan Pizza with Sausage

Sheet Pan Pizza with Sausage


This sheet pan pizza makes, well, a sheet pan of pizza. It’s loaded and filling because the crust is a little thicker than your typical round pizza, so unless you are making this for a party, you’ll almost certainly have leftovers. But there is nothing wrong with having leftover pizza.

This pizza is okay eaten cold, but I find it’s best if it’s reheated. To reheat pizza, place a slice or two in a large skillet (cast iron is best) over low heat. Cover the skillet and let it cook for a few minutes. The skillet will re-crisp the crust and the covered skillet will provide some steam to re-melt the cheese. Just like new!

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