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Here’s our weekly round-up of all good things, good advice, good feelings. Up this week: Monster cookies, trays for days, the cast iron skillet of your dreams, and more!


Welcome to The Friday Buzz, our roundup of good things, good advice, good feelings. It’s the happy hour of blog posts! Up this week: Monster cookies, trays for days, the cast iron skillet of your dreams, and more! 

Are you melting yet? I AM! Portland hit record temps this week and we have a hard time surviving in anything over 87°F. Thankfully, this little heat wave is set to only last a few days, so I think I *might* be able to make it.

Also… it was the last day of school for my kids! We are adjusting to our new routine and have been taking it easy, but before we get too far into summer vacay, let’s do a little math. Record heat + 5 kids home all day = craziness. This isn’t my first time around the rodeo, so I stocked up on popsicles, fresh watermelon and strawberries, AND got a new slip ‘n’ slide. Watch out summer, I’m ready for ya!

In between all the little sticky fingers and endless amounts of towels draped around my house, I’ve been chatting with the Simply Recipes Team about their faves this week. Let’s see what they had to say:


  • Cheers to Meli’s Cookies! Carrie basically turns into a cookie maniac when she tastes the sweet goodness of these MONSTER COOKIES from Meli’s Cookies.
  • Trays for days: Summer just revealed to us all her secrets about surviving road trips with kids: TRAYS. They’re handy for playing card games and coloring, but they’re the absolute best for SNACKS!
  • Air-Fryer LUV: I just bought an air fryer as part of my summer survival plan. I am smitten with the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven and can’t wait to make these from our site, and these from our friend Gina over at Skinnytaste.
  • Let’s make eggs! Have you seen this Silicon Egg Bites Mold for the Instant Pot? A reader recommended them and I think they look pretty darn nifty.
  • Podcast fan club: Andy gets into the groove of editing photos while listening to this podcast. Are you a member of the podcast fan club yet? If so, spill the beans on what you recommend listening to!
  • Stargazer Skillets: It’s no secret that we love cast iron skillets, and Emma raves about this one. What makes it the best? Survey says: A super smooth surface and it’s aged so perfectly.
  • Kitchen gadgets for everyone! Did you know we have a Facebook group dedicated to Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners and what makes them possible? This week we chatted about our FAVE kitchen gadgets. Instant Pots, rice cookers, and mandolins are some our readers can’t live without!


We celebrated National Donut Day with these fabulous donuts and asked how you’d all celebrate this beloved holiday. Join the conversation here.


This comment from Mellany came in late last night and I just KNEW I had to share it! She tried our No Fail, Sour Cream Pie Crust and this is what she said:

Ok… so, I’m a baker. I literally own and run a bakery. The ONE thing I’ve never been able to make exactly how I’d like is pie dough. Until this recipe. I made a double batch, made 2 huckleberry pies for a customer, and froze the remaining (roughly) 1/4. I didn’t get to eat any myself, but they RAVED about it! 2 weeks later I pulled the remainder out & baked mini huckleberry apple pies for my boys & myself. Holy smokes. It’s PERFECTION!!! No joke, hands down, the BEST (and easy, might I add..) pie crust I’ve ever eaten. THANK YOU PIE GODS!! Thaaaank you! Game changer!

Wow! Talk about a comment that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Thank you Mellany!

Cheers to the beginning of lazy summer days!

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