Since having kids ten years ago, my husband and I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day Dinner.

It’s not for lack of love. It’s more like a shift in lifestyle. Our son was born February 12, and for the past decade we’ve been planning, hosting, or cleaning up after a house full of rambunctious boys rather than feeding each other chocolate covered strawberries.

(And no offense to chocolate and strawberries but they are kind of pain to eat. Normal people can’t bite into a chocolate covered strawberry and look sexy. You need special training for that kind of thing.)

This year, however, is going to be different. I’m planning a romantic dinner in and I wanted to share a few menu ideas for the homebodies among us!

Pick one dish from each category or mix and match the recipes below to make the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner for your special someone.

Strawberries aside, an easy and romantic dinner at home can be accomplished with a little planning. The key to an enjoyable Valentine’s Day Dinner at home is to remember the meal should be elegant, but not heavy. No one wants to wear their Thanksgiving Pants on February 14.

As the cook you want to feel relaxed and in your element. A simple, low stress meal is best. Nothing is sexier than confidence, especially confidence in the kitchen.

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